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89% of the cast of our first two episodes are women, and 89% of the cast are people of color.

Our crew so far has been 83% female and 40% people of color.

‘I think that people just see (domestic violence) as very cut-and-dry,’ McCullough said. ‘I’d like people to walk away with a sense of what domestic violence and domestic abuse actually look like.’
— The Daily Northwestern
Mia McCullough’s web series, “The Haven,” explores a setting often overlooked: domestic violence shelters. Interestingly, McCullough sees such spaces as both dark and light: they represent the horror that accompanies domestic abuse, but they are also spaces of subtle comedy and community, as many different women must operate under the same roof.
— Women and Hollywood
‘It’s not a lot of people sitting around whining,’ McCullough explains. ‘It’s about people living with people from other parts of the city.’
— Reel Chicago

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