Our Mission


We created this series centering around a domestic violence shelter so that we can:

  • Entertain
  • Raise awareness about domestic violence
  • Employ Chicago artists, predominantly women and people of color in front of and behind the camera
  • Be part of the movement to produce quality television in Chicago

Our goal is to pay all the artists involved in our series unless they expressly insist on volunteering. It is important to us to not only create opportunity, but to compensate artists for their time and their talent.

Where We Are in the Journey

Thanks to crowdfunding and a generous grant from the Robert & Patricia Colby Foundation, we completed our pilot in March 2017. We released our pilot that month as well so we could raise money to shoot the next three. In May 2017 we finished shooting our second episode, and we are planning to release that episode soon. 

We are planning to shoot the last two episodes of this season in April 2018, and hope to release the episodes next winter. We're excited to bring audiences inside this unknown world. 

We have a fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas. 

How You Can Help

Learn more and donate to The Haven on Fractured Atlas.